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We exist to spread positive impact, to make a difference.

Dr. Lee, Director and Chief Physician, has always been driven by her deep desire to have as much positive impact as possible. 

Being a doctor and helping others directly is one way.

Another effective way is to use the power of financial generosity to help resolve problems that are created for so many people due to financial constraints.

That is why she started "LAMURIA's Social Responsibility Project."

At LAMURIA Beauty, a portion of all proceed goes to the following areas that Dr. Lee is passionate about:

Marble Surface

Donation for patients in need

For patients in financial need, who cannot pay for medications.

For patients without MSP coverage,  who often refuse to see doctors or dentists due to financial need.

Any other medical care that individuals cannot afford due to financial strain.


Donation for education

This scholarship is for students who may otherwise not attend postgraduate school, or are under stress due to working part-time jobs during university to pay for tuition.  We believe in equitable opportunity to succeed for all. This program helps students realize their potential, without money being a restriction for them.


Community support

Please contact us at if there is an incident or any problem in the Korean-Canadian community that demands attention and can benefit from financial support.



We are always open to & appreciative of further suggestions. 

Please provide your suggestion to

Thank you,

Let's Work Together

Join LAMURIA in helping to create a stronger Korean-Canadian community. If you are interested in volunteering, send us a message to

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