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Guideline on Services

Refer to below for reasons to visit your family doctor:

General health concern

In Canada, all medical concerns that are not urgent or emergent (which go to Emergency Room) are first seen by the family doctor.  We solve the majority of concerns and will refer to specialists if beyond family medicine scope. 

Blood work / labs / imaging

Basic urine tests are done at this office, but otherwise, you will be given a requisition to complete bloodwork at Lifelab and imaging at various other locations. This is standard practice in Canada.  

All bloodwork requisition needs to be completed by a doctor.

Mental health

Most mental health conditions are cared for by family doctors in Canada. Only treatment-resistant or complex patients are referred to Psychiatrists. 

Dr. Lee provides treatment for:

  • Depressions & anxiety

  • Schizophrenia, other psychoses

  • And more

Prevention & screening

Prevention is the goal of family medicine.

All adults after age 40 are encouraged to have an annual checkup visit. 

Below are some other screening:

  • Routine bloodwork (lipids, a1c)

  • Pap test 

  • Mammography

  • FITT test 

  • PSA test (*optional)

  • Low dose CT for prolonged heavy smokers

Prenatal & well baby care

Dr. Lee provides early stage pregnancy care. She does not do obstetrics (i.e. deliver babies), so you will be referred to an obstetrician or family doctor who delivers during second trimester.

Well babies checks are done by Dr. Lee.

Physical exams

Partial physical exams are done as needed.

Otherwise, common full physical exams include:

  • Annual physical for healthy adults

  • Driver's physical

  • Occupational physical 

Refer to "Private services" for pricing on noninsured physicals.

Patient education & counsel

You can book appt for help with:

  • Smoking cessation

  • Preconception counselling

  • Domestic violence 

  • Menopause/ hormone replacement

  • Weight loss

  • and more 

Specialist referral

To see a specialist in Canada, you must be referred by a family doctor (or other primary care/ emergency room doctor).

Dr. Lee will assess if areferral is indicated, and send in the referral.

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